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What a great fun way to spend a Tuesday night. Everything about the evening oozed a 5 star experience from the presentations from Paul the manager & Eric the chef to the delightful array of food on offer. The cuisine, a mix of Thai & other Asian styles, was simply great. This isn’t your standard Chinese you’re going to, that’s for sure. Of personal favourites for me were the steamed prawn dumplings which were crazy-nice little packages of prawnyness & also the kung po calamari. Calamari can be hard to get right and this place knocked it out of the park by cooking it to perfection. The cocktails were really, really good (and this is coming from a guy who normally doesn’t like cocktails). I never found them too sweet, in fact they almost had a savoury quality to them, especially the chilli cocktail. This one packed a real punch with every single sip and I couldn’t get enough of it (this is actually a bad thing on a week day when you have work the next morning). The layout & decor of the place is great, it’s got a feeling of real class and it seems like it’d be perfect place to bring a group of friends or family, especially for a special occasion like a birthday. In short: A great night had with wonderful company in a classy restaurant with amazing Thai/Asian food. Tuesdays don’t get better than this. – Andy O, Yelp – June 2015


I had a lovely night! The dinner was wonderful. I really liked everything I tried. The food was so well-prepared and delicious. It was also nice how Paul – the manager – was engaged with us and with the food. We got to know the chef as well and he answered a few questions about the menu. Next time I go there (I will definitely go back) I would have: spring rolls for starter, spicy lamb for main and passion fruit cheese-cake for dessert. Those were my preferred but we tried so much more. The drinks! Also amazing. The cherry and coconut cocktail was out of this world – and I’m not even a cocktail person =) We all received a goodie bag in the end as a gift. And guess what? I found a free lunch voucher for 2 inside my fortune cookie hahaha I loved that!
Thanks to Emily and to the lovely staff at  East Restaurant at The Spencer hotel. – Val L, Yelp – June 2015


From the moment I had my seat, the atmosphere, the decor, the ambience, the management – already phenomenal. Paul, the manager, absolutely has his heart into his work and it shows from the moment you arrive. The restaurant is called East. The food style is Asian Fusion. The chef is fantastic. He uses a lot of recipes from his home. He’s tamed the spices in the dishes down a lot to fit the Irish palette. However, the perfect amount of tamed, when you have the curry you’ll be left with the perfect amount of heat in your mouth, an actual ‘this tastes good’ heat instead of something just being unnecessarily spicy. The cocktails, so refreshing. My favourite was the Green Jasmine Tea Cocktail, which used Vodka for the alcoholic content. I think I’ll dub it my cocktail of the summer. The perfect amount of freshness. I’ve never seen a cocktail made with herbal tea like that! My favourite starter was the shrimp dumplings. Steamed to perfection in a bamboo box with cabbage underneath! Most people think dumplings are a heavier choice, but this was PERFECT for summer.  My favourite main course was the green Thai curry. It held a little more heat than the red curry, but the flavour was just unique enough to call it my favourite. Finally, dessert! Most of the desserts were mousse based, and all delicious. My favourite however was a type of berry tart, which had a more pudding based filling and topped with fresh summer berries! All of this topped off with a cappuccino for coffee of choice. And, of course, it was prepared as a cappuccino should be. I really can’t express how amazing the staff and management were – The most accommodating place I’ve been to since being in Ireland. They have vegetarian and gluten free options for all their dishes because they’re all cooked fresh from scratch – you can’t beat that! Right now they’re having a 2 course for 20 euro lunch special. I certainly had my favourites, but everything I tired was delicious so I’d say go for whatever sounds good to you! – Sara C, Yelp – June 2015


For me the best part of a yelp event is getting to meet the people behind the scenes and that was especially true at East. Paul the restaurant manager is an absolute gem and you can see by all of the staff the importance of customer service that he is promoting in them. All of the staff were exceptionally friendly and attentive and seemed very genuine. It was also fantastic to meet the chef and see his passion for the food he is cooking. Without question I will be back to East. The food was really exceptional and of all of the many dishes we tasted there was nothing I didn’t enjoy. The starters for me stole the show especially the tempura. The cocktails were fantastic and I would come back for them alone – great to see a menu that is a little bit different with a cucumber and wasabi martini and coconut and cherry mojito. Fantastic night – thanks Emily ! – Jenny F, Yelp – June 2015


To be read in a Jeremy Clarkeson voice… Carlsberg doesn’t do Yelp events… but if they did, they wouldn’t be a patch on those arranged by Emily C. Tonight was spectacular, from our very gracious hosts to the sublime food and wine, It was genuinely faultless. Take all that, and then add the company of some of the best folks on the internet – I had an absolute blast, a Tuesday eve that felt like a Friday.. and a Wednesday I rather suspect that will feel like a Monday as a result! THANK YOU The Spencer & Emily!!! – Quentin D, Yelp – June 2015


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“Service is faultless. Staff offered an unobtrusive service, whilst maintaining a reassuring presence. So friendly, nothing is too much trouble. And the food is wonderful. And a lovely atmosphere.”