Drop into The Spencer and try one of our delicious beers from our tempting drinks menu.  There’s nothing better after a long day in work, than relaxing with an ice cold beer! Sit back and take in The Spencer’s luxorious surroundings with an amazing view of the Liffey.

Why not try something from our craft bottled beers like our tasty Handsome Jack IPA?  Take a gander through our draught beers, from the classic pint of the Guiness to a cool Coors Light.

 We have something for everyone, have a look at our menu below.

Bottled Beers & Cider


Corona 330ml 4.6%


Heineken 330ml 4.3%


Coors Light 330ml 4.3%


Bulmers 330ml 4.5%


Peroni 330ml 4.7%


Paulaner Weiss Bier 500ml 5.6%


Kopparberg Flavours 500ml 4.5%


Bulmers Pint Btl 568ml 4.5%


Paulaner Alkoholfrei/NA 500ml 0.0%


Craft Bottled Beers

Handsome Jack IPA 
330ml 6.6%



Pass if you can Blonde 330ml 5.2%



Grunt Saison 330ml 4.8%



Punk IPA 330ml 5.6%



Draught Beers


Hope House 13 €5.95

Guinness €5.80

Heineken €5.95

Coors Light €5.95

Tiger €6.30

Asahi €6.30

Peroni €6.50

Friar Weiss €6.30

Cheiftan IPA €6.30

Rebel Red €6.30


“Service is faultless. Staff offered an unobtrusive service, whilst maintaining a reassuring presence. So friendly, nothing is too much trouble. And the food is wonderful. And a lovely atmosphere.”